Relationship Hacks That Help Your Relationship Last Longer

Being in a relationship is great! You feel loved, happy and everything is just shiny and bright. Of course, the other side of the shiny and bright shows it’s ugly face and without even knowing how, you both end up not talking to each other or worse, saying hurtful things to each other. No relationship is smooth sailing all the time. Even the ocean has its rocky moments and it is how you and your partner handle these rocky moments that you end up with a long and lasting life together. The following are relationship hacks that can really help you and your partner get over the bumps and cracks in your lives.

Don’t flaunt it!

This piece of advice pertains to when you are proven right in an argument or a disagreement. “I told you so” is one of the most antagonistic things you can say to a person who just lost in an argument. This may sound petty or prideful but the reality of it is that nobody wants to be beat down more when they are already beaten. If you won an argument, please do not gloat over the fact that you did. In most serious arguments, your partner is like to have conviction in what he or she was standing up for. Most likely, the point is also important to him or her which is why the argument commenced in the first place. Be adult enough to leave your partner with his pride and even thank him for giving way or acknowledging your correct point in the topic.

Learn to Give Way

In relation to the relationship hacks stated above, you might also benefit to know when he just gave in to you just to end your bitter argument. There are times when he may just want you to be happy so he’ll give way to you. This shows that he is giving way to you because he does not like prolonging the disagreement and he likes to keep the peace. Do not abuse this trait that your partner has; instead, learn from it. Learning to compromise is one of the major “adulting” aspects that a lot of people need to learn. You do not always have to win! If you can compromise so that both of you are happy with it, then better. .

It is important to not be clouded by angry thoughts or pride when you have a disagreement with your partner. Think over the points that he is giving you and try to see things from his perspective. Do not focus entirely on the argument and the hot words that the two of you are saying, LISTEN to his points also. Sometimes, you might get carried away by the superfluous words and motions without even thinking really hard about what started the discussion in the first place.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

Admitting that you are wrong is something that your partner may need to hear also. When you lose an argument, don’t just turn away in a huff or be silent. Acknowledging a mistake or an erroneous thought gives your partner a sense that you learned something from your discussion. It also tells him that you have realized his good intention. Don’t forget to be sincere when you acknowledge your mistakes. When a “sorry” is necessary, don.t forget to say it sincerely. Relation hacks like this help to further the intimacy between the two of you. It shows that you care enough to lower your pride for him when you admit your mistakes sincerely.

Be Appreciative. Be Sincere.

Just because people are in a relationship does not mean you forget niceties. This is not really one of those one of a kind relationship hacks because this is common good manners! Being in a relationship means you are comfortable with each other and you share intimacies with each other but it does not mean you forget how to appreciate your partner. Remember to appreciate every little thing he or she does even if it is the most mundane. Automatically getting you a glass of water when you are eating or handing you a tissue when you have some food left in the corner of your mouth can be overlooked eventually in the course of time. Even the person who does these things may do these automatically and not mind being thanked or acknowledged but he will surely feel your sincerity when you thank him for it.

Have Fun!

Relationship hacks need not be all about arguments or serious stuff. Relationship hacks can also be about keeping the fun and laughter in your lives. One of the dangers in a long term relationship is falling into a rut and getting used to a routine. We often get so used to each other that we forget how we started in the first place. Take some time to enjoy each other’s company and just talk about life and what wacky plans you might suddenly think of. Sometimes it’s fun to just talk about bucket lists and “what-ifs”. Take time to pour out what’s in your heart and talk about fun times and plan for more. Go out on dates, not necessarily expensive ones, take a walk out and enjoy the hustle and bustle of others while you’re both just taking your time. Enjoy the scenery and go out and people watch. Don’t forget to make your partner feel how much you appreciate him.

Be Nice!

This may seem out of place for relationship hacks and more in keeping with how to treat strangers but your relationship can benefit from it. This is actually one of the more important points for long term relationship hacks. Always don’t forget to be nice to each other. Long term relationships tend to make us take each other for granted. Sometimes we even snap at each other and show our nasty sides more often than necessary; forgetting that we are likely to hurt the feelings of the other person. Aside from being mean, we also forget to acknowledge that we were mean and leave the hurt to fester. Please be nice and value your partner always.