Are You Leptin Resistance?

Have you ever tried to diet and become frustrated because no matter how hard you try, you don’t lose any weight? Or do you ever get the feeling that no matter how much you eat, you never get the satisfaction of feeling full? You are not alone; people that are overweight tend to have a condition known as Leptin Resistance. If you stand in front of a mirror and notice high areas of body fat around your belly, you may have this condition.

This article is going to discuss what this hormone is, what it does to your body, and measures that you can take to manage this hormone.

How does it work?

Leptin is a hormone that is produced by fat cells to regulate fat storage and controls your food intake. The bloodstream carries this hormone to your brain, signaling the hypothalamus to decrease your food intake. 

The role it plays 

The primary role of this hormone is to regulate your energy and tell your brain when there is enough body stored. When your brain receives the signal that you have enough fat stored, you stop eating and burn calories. When your body has high levels of leptin, your brain does not receive the signal to stop eating, therefore, increases your body fat. This is a condition known as Leptin Resistance. This is said to be a biological contributor to obesity because your brain thinks that you are starving. This is why it is referred to as the “starving” hormone. 

When your brain thinks that your body is starving, you eat more, burn fewer calories, and your energy levels are decreased. This is why people struggle with losing weight and go back and forth between yo-yo dieting. It’s not because they don’t have the will power or that they are lazy; it’s because their body has high levels of this hormone, which is hindering their weight loss efforts. 

Effect on your body

Aside from contributing to obesity, it can also put people at risk for becoming diabetic later on in life. If you are already diabetic or prediabetic, it can have complications with managing diabetes. Causes of resistance have been known as:

Having high levels of the hormone in your bloodstreamInflammationHigh levels of free fatty acids

What can you do?

While it is still inconclusive as to whether you can reverse resistance, there are measures that you can incorporate into your everyday lifestyle, that may help manage it. Here are some things that you can do to adopt a healthier lifestyle and possibly reverse resistance to this hormone:

Staying away from processed or prepackaged food (junk food) – It is said that processed food increases inflammation, which is a cause of leptin resistance. Getting physical – If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you are slowing your metabolism and burning less fat. The more fat you store, the more leptin you have in your body. Not getting adequate sleep – When you don’t get enough rest, your body doesn’t have time to recoup and becomes overworked and overstressed. Add more soluble fiber and protein to your diet. Reduce carb intake – The more carbs you intake, the higher your triglycerides are going to be, which prevents the movement of the starvation hormone from your blood to your brain.


By leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, you are on your way to battling the war against resistance to this hormone. This is important for people that are battling obesity and struggling with bouts of low energy. When the resistance is improved, people notice they have more energy, faster metabolisms, and more control over their hunger.

8 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy People

Having a slim and fit body is a dream of many people all over the world. People are dying from a lifestyle disease such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, among others. When it comes to health issues, most could be eliminated by keeping ourselves in better shape. Staying fit or losing weight needs total dedication to getting achievable results. We all know that gaining weight is easier than shedding the same weight. For the corporate and busy people, finding a time to do intensive exercise is almost impossible. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have to shed weight, here are some weight-loss hack for the busy people.

1. Do Passive Activities Standing Up

When you want to burn weight, you should avoid any lazy activity. Lazy activity will probably make you gain more weight. If you are watching the TV or surfing the internet, if possible, try and be in an active position. Avoid sleeping on the couch, but rather stand. When you are standing, you can lose about 76 calories in half an hour. If you are not comfortable standing, you can recline on the wall or alternate sitting and standing with an interval of 30 minutes. When you’re doing a household chore, always be in the active position.

2. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Busy people think that drinking bear with a friend after work is the best way to catch up. That is the worst practice and can lead to obesity or other lifestyle conditions. Alcohol is rich in carbohydrates, which has high calories. When the calories are from a liquid, they are easily ingested. To be on the safe side, avoid bears every day after work. You can grab a beer once in a while, but know it causes more harm than good. Instead of visiting a bar after a job, ask your friend to take a walk, or even visit a gym, it serves health benefits.

3. Avoid Sugar

If you have a busy schedule, it’s good to avoid the consumption of sugar. The fact is that sugar is addictive, and other people cannot go a day without eating sugar. Sugar is classified as empty calories, which means the body converts it to fat. In some cases, the fat can give you a shapeless figure if you never do exercise. If you are a sugar addict, aim at reducing the sugar diet.

4. Walk and Talk at the Same Time

Walking and talking applies to those who take a lot of office phone call. Don’t be that person who receives a call when sited, that’s a lazy behavior. When you receive a call, walk around your room as you talk. If you use a table phone, speak when standing. Although it makes seem odd, it’s good to know that unconsciously fidget helps you to lose more weight than going to the gym and also helps to improve attention.

5. Have Enough Sleep

After a busy day at work, you need to have a proper bed and mattress. A good bed and mattress will ensure that you get enough, uninterrupted sleep for about 6 to 8 hours. Your sleep controls your diet; when you sleep more, you tend to eat less. With enough sleep, you can reduce stress and increase the metabolism rate, which is essential in weight loss.

6. Own a Blender

For a busy person, a blender is a must if you want to lose weight. Research says that when your stomach is full of smoothies, you tend to turn away from other foods. Smoothies work a miracle when it comes to losing weight. They ensure that you systematically lose weight. Make smoothies every morning before going for work, and the results will be evident.

7. Don’t keep junk food at home

Psychologically, you will tend to eat what is available. After a busy day at work, you will not go looking for healthy meals while you have junks available. The best way to avoid junk is by keeping it out of your bond. Junk food is the leading cause of obesity. 

8. Join a Sporting Club

Busy people may not find enough time to exercise. More so, the exercise event is boring when one is doing it alone. If that your case, talk to a few workmates or friends with like-minded to form a sporting club. Exercising with friends and workmates if fun and also helps to strengthen the friendship bond. You can also join efforts to purchase simple gym equipment like a treadmill.

Many hacks can help you lose weight in a busy schedule. All you need is to be creative and come up with a plan. If you can’t do it alone, talk to your friends about the idea.

Leptitox Review: My Personal Experience

There was a time when I was desperate about finding something that can help me with my overweight body. I looked at many places and tried many treatments but my weight was not reduced. In my search, I came across a revolutionary product which is called Leptitox. I have used it and found it to be amazing. Some of the details I noticed about this product is given here.

How I found Leptitox?

My friend was obese and she wanted to reduce weight. She tried many things but all in vain. We made plans to get together but I hadn’t seen her in over a year. She looked slim and she was amazing. I was shocked and I asked her what “hack(s)” she used to reduce the weight. She told me that there is a product called Leptitox. She used it and her weight reduced dramatically. I came home, did my research, and purchased the Leptitox tablets right away.

What is Leptitox?

It is a supplement used to reduce body weight. It comes in pill form. It works by reducing the level of a fat-based hormone in the body. This fat-based hormone is called Leptin. The more leptin produced in your body, the more fat it will accumulate. When we say that people are not eating much but still they are overweight. The reason is this hormone. When this hormone is produced in the body it will increase the fat storage and decrease the body’s metabolism of fats. Leptitox interferes with the production of this hormone and this way it will decrease the production of fat in your body and increase the metabolism of the fats. This means it will not only reduce the weight it can also decrease the body fat percentage to increase muscle appearance and decrease the waistline.

What is included in the package?

Leptitox comes with a bottle that has all the details about the use of the product. Normal Leptitox bottle contains 60 pills and this is the supply of full one month. if you are taking one pill every day you are going to end up using the same bottle for 2 months but the normal dose age is two tablets a day.

Dosage of Leptitox

When you are starting, you can take one tablet every day to get your body used to the therapy. Once you feel you are comfortable, you can take two pills every day. This makes one pill in the morning and one pill at the night. This supplement can reduce the body weight drastically but it requires time to do it so you will have to continue taking this tablet till your ideal body weight is reached. The tablet should be taken with the water and you will have to take it before your meal.

Should I workout while using it?

If you desire your body to become slim but we are not putting enough effort to make your dreams come true, you should work out while using the pills. Although Leptitox will reduce bodyweight. You will not get benefits within days. If you are looking to decrease your weight and also get health benefits, you must make a daily routine and do some exercise while taking the pills. When I was using this pill, my weight reduced 20 lbs in 3 months. I was doing 30 minutes of cardio every day while using the pills. At the start, I was only using the pills but the reduction was not enough for me so I started the exercise also. Just being transparent. Typically there is never an “easy” pill that does everything. This one is close though!

Side effects of Leptitox

This supplement is great because it has very few side effects. There are no long term side effects as it only causes a mild stomach disturbance at the start and it becomes amazing after using some time. The most important thing is, you will not be dependent on this medicine for the whole life as once your weight goal is achieved, you can easily remove the medicine from your routine.


It has a lot of herbal ingredients like Alfalfa, grape seeds, barbaric, jujubes, and brassicas. All of these ingredients are herbal and pose no threat to human health. All these ingredients can be used daily as food. This works by providing the body what it requires to stop leptin production and decrease leptin resistance.


After using Leptitox, I felt that it is an amazing product and it worked for me. I’ve recommended this to my friends and family members and now to my loyal following!

I have reached my weight loss goal and continue to feel amazing. It even tightened my skin! The manufacturer is giving a money-back guarantee so I had no risk purchasing it and there was no reason why I would not recommend to anybody.

That’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review.