10 Relationship Hacks to Bring Your Ex Back

Being in a relationship is a good feeling. You are loved. You look and are happy. There is someone who cares for you. Everything is glorious. But with the glorious phase, there is an ugly phase as well in a relationship. You both could stop talking to each other, or it can lead to relationships break up in the worse case. No relationship is smooth going at all the time. There are hurdles in a relationship as well. Here are some relationship hacks you can follow and get you to ex back.

1. Don’t be in a hurry to bring your ex back

Being in a hurry to get you ex back could be a mistake. Things can become worse and crazy if you just had a breakup. Rushing over things can make it worse. And by doing this, you could regret later.

2. It is better to maintain a journal

Maintaining a journal can help you to deal with the dreaded breakup emotions. While you still have strong feelings for your ex and you keep thinking about what you did wrong, this is the time to stop thinking like this. Don’t think about your past. Start thinking about the future and write down your vision for what you want. It is a better way to start healing.

3. Avoid the urge to call or text your ex

It is recommended not to call or text your ex. If you talk to your ex and start explaining to them all the things that did not work, and why you think it didn’t work, it can make you feel worse. You both will again end up in a disappointing conversation. It will hurt both of you. You have to deal with your emotions and not to call your ex.

4. Don’t post negative stuff on social media

Most likely, you both have mutual friends on Social Media. Don’t put them in an awkward situation by posting negative things on Social Media. This could end up hurting your other relationships. Reach out to friends and family who genuinely care about you — you can go the conventional way and meet up with them and cry.

 It is incredibly dumb to get more consideration by being negative. Nobody likes to give that sort of attention.

5. Understand how to utilize to benefit your ex

Many individuals consider that no contact with their ex is punishing them or denying them to talk to them. But this is not the case. It is providing them time to get over from their anger and giving them time to sort their feelings. So it is better to give some space. Once all the ugly thoughts are out. Good thoughts will come, and they will start missing you.

6. Make creative efforts in attracting your ex

It’s necessary to be creative when trying to attract your ex. Your ex might be waiting for you to make the first move. Your ex may need a stimulus.

7. Remain one step forward from your boyfriend.

It is better to pick up the thing that your ex does not have. Read books, listen to songs. 

8. Don’t try to get you to ex back

Many times people can restore contact with their ex by not doing anything. They did not do anything except for leading their lives. Many people become independent and don’t become dependent and addicted to their ex. They focus more on their success.

9. Never hurt yourself

It is not good to hurt yourself for one who does not care. You might not be a priority for them any longer, but for your family and friends, you are critical. It is silly to hurt yourself. 

10. Take photos of your experience

You go out to make new memories, always take photos of your new and better appearance. When you indulged in things that make you happy, take a photo of that moment, you should also take pictures with your friends and family. Post these pictures on social sites like Facebook and Instagram. This will make you feel happy and will also help to attract new friends. Your ex may or may not see the photos. But you don’t care anymore. 

Follow these relationship tips to help bring your ex back if you so choose. Or, move on and find that relationship you’ve dreamed about.

I hope you enjoyed these tips (hacks!)

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