So my mom really struggled with weight gain and weight loss post-menopause. She was frustrated, depressed, and all-around miserable. I felt horrible for her, so I did some research. 

During my research, I came across “The Cinderella Solution,” a weight loss program created by Carly Donovan, a woman whom I felt my mom could relate to. With a story very similar to my mother. 

Carly, after trying many “traditional” diets with no success, decided to create a program that could maximize the fat-burning system of your body.

This program is based on the hormonal changes that our body goes through from puberty to menopause and how they can affect our metabolism and weight. This program targets the hormonal imbalance to allow our body to burn fat effectively and lose weight. This weight loss program is specifically designed for women. 

How it Works

It is a 28-day weight loss program that involves two phases: Ignite and launch. My mom loved that this program is pretty convenient to use; it is an e-book so that you can use it from your computer, tablet, phone, any device.

I don’t believe in those programs that claim to make you lose 30 pounds in 3 days, as those are simply scams. But the cinderella solution doesn’t offer “magical ways” to lose those extra pounds. It is based on scientific research and takes into consideration the hormonal fluctuations that women go through different stages of life.

I’m not the type of person who loves to count calories or try restricting diets. In my opinion, the best way to achieve a healthy weight and maintain it is to find a method that isn’t restrictive and is based on your needs.

First Part

The first part of the program consists of a basic introduction that shows you how to start this journey. During this part, you will also learn how to pair foods to create delicious but healthy foods so you won’t have to eat flavorless food, it will be hard for you to stick with a plan like it.

There are two phases of the program. I’m going to explain them to you briefly:

Ignite: Provides you the meals to regulate your hormones and start to burn body fat. This phase only focuses on three meals a day and doesn’t include any exercise. Launch: During this phase, you are going to learn how to get rid of that hidden and resistant fat. It consists of 4 meals a day.

I was able to learn about different nutritional food groups and how to create healthy meals. Most weight loss programs tell you what to eat without teaching you about nutrition.

Second Part

It provides you a 14-days calendar and informational recipes to prepare your daily meals. It tells you when it is the right time to eat and exactly how many meals. Let me tell you that each meal is delicious! And easy to prepare. Some of my favorite meals were the Greek Chicken Salad and the creamy chocolate smoothie.

Third Part

Here’s is where things get extreme. You will learn about movement-sequencing exercises to boost your weight loss. The exercises are mainly focused on your thighs, butt, and belly. You will know how much exercise you have to do, and if you are like me who considers herself too busy to exercise, this program will tell you how to make time for exercise.

Part Four

This part is named: top 10 flavors pairs and weight loss combinations. As the title indicates, it will teach you how to pair flavors and give you tools to boost your weight loss journey.

My Moms Results With this Program

This is the part you’ve been waiting for. Did my mom notice any results? Does it really work? Here are my final thoughts:

My mom was able to lose weight quickly. She got rid of stubborn fat. She and I both learned how to prepare healthy and delicious meals. The program is suitable for any woman but extremely powerful for those going through menopause. All the information from this program is back up by science. You will learn more about your hormonal system and how to keep its balance. The workouts are easy to perform.

We strongly recommend this program. This program is excellent for anyone wanting to learn about nutrition and how to achieve a healthier weight at any age. You will change your perspective about weight loss and nutrition. And you will know more about your body and how to keep it healthy.

I hope you enjoyed this product review.

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