In the present world, ideally, we earn money to fulfill our basic requirements like food, home, and clothes. But at a point in our life, it is not enough to go with the flow. 

Everyone wants financial stability in life. And this stability cannot be achieved by doing your 9 to 5 jobs or by pocket money. To live an abundant life, you have to hustle yourself more to earn extra money. Here some make money hacks will be discussed.

1. Utilize Your Spare Time

For a healthy life, we need proper time for sleeping, eating, and other personal stuff. Apart from that, to get more from our whole day of 24 hours, we have to be more productive. Try to manage more and more spare time so that you do extra work to improve your financial condition. If you’re still working a typical 9 – 5, you need to maximize your time after work. Make sure you’re more productive with the time you have. This might mean less Netflix! 

2. Rent Your Extra Room or Garage 

If you are living in a big apartment and having an extra room full of your old dirty clothes and garbage, ‘then get a roommate. You can also rent your extra garage instead of making that place idol for insects and rats. This money extra passive money will help fill up that savings account before you know it.

3. Be a Freelancer 

There are many freelance jobs available depending upon the skills you have. You can select according to your interest like tech-savvy, culture, literature, data entry, painter, cartoonist, designer, etc. 

It will give a platform to your skills that are just wasting in scrolling social media or watching TV in your spare time.

Check out,,, and set up your freelance account today!

4. Cut-Off Extra Expenses

To become rich or wealthy, you have to adapt to saving habits. Your purpose should be earning more than spending more. Take a look at your monthly financial statement and identify the areas where you can cut out expenses. You should find several expenses you can slash.

Netflix, Hulu, Cable, and stop eating out so much!

5. Go for a Small Part-Time Business

Sometimes small businesses make big profits. Investing your money in some small companies like affiliate marketing, network marketing, insurance agents, providing different services, etc. are some examples. 

It is necessary to select the business according to the knowledge, expertise, and experience you already obtain.

It’s not uncommon for people to earn upwards to 50K/mo., with Network Marketing Companies. e.g., Mary Kay, Amway, Hempworx, etc.

6. Sell Your Stuff 

Selling your stuff doesn’t mean selling your essential stuff. There are many things in your storeroom or in veranda that you don’t use at all. Like, an old bicycle, a broken chair, a black and white TV (lol), or your old mobile phone. Most probably, if you are busy earning money in your free time than you don’t have the time to take care of this stuff. You can get the right amount of money if you recollect all of them and sell them.

7. Be a Blogger or Writer

If you are fond of reading and writing, you can try to become a blogger or writer. Many sites that pay good money for providing useful content. You can write on any topic if you think you have the complete and perfect knowledge for the same.

8. Online Reselling

If you have a vast circle of friends on social media, and you think you know them very well, then you can try online reselling. There are several websites available that provide you online reselling of clothes, accessories, beauty products, home appliances, etc. You select the stuff, post it to your circle, sell it, and earn a commission. Heck, Amazon even allows you to do this. Google, Amazon Associates, to learn more.

9. Become a Tutor/Coach

This money hack is the most commonly used all over the world. If you are good at any subject or you are studious, then you can provide online or offline tuitions. It will not only help to earn money but also polish your knowledge. Online Tutoring and Coaching can be very lucrative.

10. Invest More Instead of Spending or Saving 

Spending the saved money or just keeping the saved money will not add more funds instantly to your bank account. To get an instant return, you have to invest money to earn more profit. Identify your area of expertise and make sure to lower your risk before investing your money.

The above hacks, if taken seriously, could put you on a path to financial freedom before you know. Choose one way today, plant your flag and move forward!

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